About the Author

Loren Collins has been one of the fiercest advocates for skepticism and critical thinking in the face of the Obama Birther movement.

In December 2008 Loren launched the blog Barackryphal, one of the first websites devoted to debunking Birther myths. Since that time, Loren demonstrated the unreliability of WorldNetDaily’s vaunted eligibility petition, exposed the devious past of the schemer attempting to auction a supposed Kenyan birth certificate on eBay, and most significantly, revealed the true identity of ‘Dr. Ron Polarik,’ the false expert whose pseudoscientific analyses drove the Birther movement nearly from the beginning.

Loren’s research and writing on Birtherism has twice been published by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, his legal conclusions have been validated by PolitiFact Georgia, and his findings have been featured on the websites of the Washington Independent, the Daily Kos, Peach Pundit, and others. His name is well-known and widely respected among the ‘anti-Birther’ community.

In January 2009, Loren also penned the satirical ‘Birther Platonic Dialogue’, which has since proven to be a prophetic illustration of the Birther movement’s continual goalpost-moving in response to contrary evidence, demonstrating the denialist and conspiratorial attitudes at its core.

Birtherism is not the extent of Loren’s involvement in combating rumor and denialism. In 2009, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an op-ed he penned, wherein he opposed state adoption of Confederate Heritage Month through extensive citation to the confessions of Confederate leaders themselves. Loren’s online paper, “The Truth About Tytler,” is the most cited source on the internet for the origins of one of the web’s most widely-disseminated but misattributed political quotations. Loren has also debunked several other popular but spurious quotations, falsely attributed to such people as Rush Limbaugh and FDR.

Loren is a 2004 graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law, and is a practicing attorney in Atlanta. A libertarian and 2008 Bob Barr supporter, Loren combats Birtherism not out of any partisan interest, but rather out of a commitment to truth and the desire to promote skepticism and critical thinking to a public bombarded with questionable and faulty information every day.

Loren can be contacted at lorencollins@gmail.com.